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I am a writer, filmmaker and Assistant Producer with a First Class Honours degree in TV & Film Production who has worked in TV and video game production.


Here you can view a playlist of my recent projects.

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Software Instability | Student Sci-fi Short Film
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Software Instability

Sci-Fi | Drama

An android wakes up to discover she had a mysterious past life.

Producer: Katie Maughan

Directors: Katie Maughan and Caitlin Wright

Writer: Katie Maughan

Alex: Lindsey Maughan

Voice of Matthew: Tom Harvey

Editors: Katie Maughan and Caitlin Wright

Camera Operator: Caitlin Wright

Script Editor: Caitlin Wright

Colour Grading: Caitlin Wright

VFX: Tom Harvey

Filmed on Canon C100 and Sony Z190.

Edited using Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects.

On The Run


A young girl is searching for refuge as she escapes her abusive parents.

Director & Producer: Katie Maughan

Writer: Ben Farn

Camera Operator: Caitlin Wright

Editor: Tom Harvey

Cast: Ellie Farn, Katie Maughan